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About JPAC

The Jewish Public Affairs Committee of California (JPAC) is the largest single-state coalition of Jewish organizations in the nation. Comprised of local Jewish Federations, Jewish Community Relations Committees and Councils, Jewish Family Service agencies, and many other Jewish community advocacy groups from throughout California, we advocate on behalf of traditional community concerns and broadly shared values that affect the citizens of our State.  Our mission is to advocate for issues and legislation that impacts our member organizations, the clients they serve, and the CA Jewish community as a whole in Sacramento.

JPAC monitors and helps to develop and promote state legislative initiatives of interest to the Jewish community and the community at-large. With the leadership of our Board Chair and assisted by our legislative advocate in Sacramento, we take positions on legislation dealing with issues important to the Jewish community, such as civil and human rights, aid to the State’s most vulnerable, affordable housing, immigration, human trafficking, separation of church and state, and early childhood education. We also advocate on the full range of Jewish community concerns, including support on behalf of Jewish social service provider agencies that serve the population at large.  In addition, we serve as a resource to legislators on various policy matters.

JPAC’s annual Advocacy Day in Sacramento takes place each May and attracts hundreds of advocates from around the state to participate in workshops, form alliances, and lobby legislators and Administration officials.

JPAC is non-partisan and a registered 501 (c) 4.


JPAC Membership
Membership in JPAC enables your community to civically engage, learn more about the legislative process in Sacramento, and influence legislation that impacts your community and the broader California Jewish community.  JPAC membership provides opportunities to network with similar organizations and be a part of a larger voice calling for policies that benefit the Jewish community in California and the population at large.

JPAC has developed strong and deep relationships with elected officials from across the State, and continuously cultivates those relationships via our Sacramento based lobbyists, missions to Israel, and our annual Advocacy Day.

Members benefit in the following ways:

  • One vote on the JPAC Board
  • Access to Governmental Advocates in Sacramento
  • Opportunities for lobbying 101 trainings, introducing your community members to local elected officials, and assistance with legislative interests in Sacramento

To be a member of JPAC:

  1. Pay annual dues
  2. Assign a lay leader or staff liaison who will attend three Board meetings annually
  3. Participate in JPAC legislative priority setting
  4. Participate in JPAC’s annual Advocacy Day in May

For more information, please contact Julie Zeisler at Julie@jpac-cal.org.